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Every year, Lakeland Hospice provides care to hundreds of terminally ill patients and their families in over 75 communities.  This would not be possible without the financial support of the families, friends, and communities we serve.


The Lakeland Hospice Foundation was formed in 2007 with a nest egg of endowed funds raised over the last two decades.  It was established to raise, manage, protect, and distribute funds to the Hospice program within Lakeland Hospice & Home Care, Inc.  We have made a commitment to help anyone who needs Hospice Care and because of that commitment we rely on the generosity of the families and communities we serve to realize our mission.

The Purpose of the Lakeland Hospice Foundation is to support Lakeland Hospice in their mission to provide compassionate, emotional, spiritual, and quality healthcare to each patient, promoting independence, comfort, and dignity in all stages of life’s journey.

The Lakeland Hospice Foundation will ensure quality end-of-life care; volunteer support, grief support services, and education  to everyone who needs it, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Typically, the reimbursement we receive from Medicare covers approximately 80% of what it actually costs to provide care to our patients.  The remaining 20% must be made up through donations, estates, memorials, grants, events and other types of fundraising.  This 20% means the difference between providing the bare minimum to our patients and being able and willing to go the extra mile so we can do whatever it takes for our patients, every time.

The Lakeland Hospice Foundation is a 501 c.3 nonprofit charitable organization.  Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with the Federal Internal Revenue Service and the State of Minnesota.